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About Us

Founded by artist Celine Benz, C.Bonz was formed to enable more personal expression in the fashion industry. We encourage you to express yourself by adding embroidery to our apparel, or by personalizing the items you already own. 

Featuring exclusive embroidery art and designs, we pride ourselves in having a unique and distinct style. We offer one-of-a-kind, finished, and blank items ideal for embroidery. Clients are then invited to add embroidery to make each piece unique and meaningful. 

C.Bonz works with individuals, brands, and everything in between. We're proud to be a local presence by interacting with the community. Our Ridiculously Cozy fabric is made locally to ensure it meets both our quality and work standards. Most of our accessories are made from recycled denim. We believe in sustainability and ethical trade and will continue to strive for the best sourcing and working conditions. 

You can find us in person at one of our pop-ups by subscribing to our newsletter or by following us on Instagram. We appear typically appear in Malibu, Venice, and Los Angeles, but plan on popping up near you!