What is C.Bonz?

The future of fashion is upon us: C.Bonz is the original fashion brand to offer interactive customization formats and collaborative design featuring exclusive embroidery artwork by our founder Celine Benz. We make clothes for individuals, because you’re a person and not a billboard. Your clothes should be about you and what you love. Not just branding. Collaborate as little or as much as you’d like with our variety of custom formats, predesigned offerings, or contact us for a fully collaborative experience.


We go the extra mile to approach every order as a unique project. The benefits of mass production are good for businesses, but not consumers or the planet. Fashion is a form of nonverbal communication and expression that everyone can use more of. We make customization approachable and fun whether it’s for you or a thoughtful gift. And because every order is made individually on demand, we have virtually zero waste and an incredibly low carbon footprint. It’s good for you and the planet too!


C.Bonz is so much more than your traditional fashion brand. We developed our ridiculously cozy fabrics that are milled locally. Our garments are designed in house and exclusive to C.Bonz. And our entire manufacturing process happens locally in LA. We also offer a rotation of curated vintage clothing and handbags. Shop online, pop into our Malibu shop or catch us at a live event to start creating.


We also work with other brands to elevate the experience they offer their customers by combining their garments with our customizable formats and artwork, or we design small collections with their specific clients in mind.  Some of the brands we’ve previously worked with are: